neděle 22. ledna 2012

Citroen sketch

Hi everybody,longer time I didnt post any personal sket...I was busy with finishing school and I got job as exterior designer in Advanced design team in Germany.....and I will try to post much more stuff more regularly as cars as concept art stuff :)
hope you like it and stay tuned for more!!!

neděle 4. září 2011

full poster

doing this instead of puting sketches separately :)

pondělí 13. června 2011

new stuff comming soon!

Hello everybody,long time no post ,I am not lazy guys :)but last summer I made internship at Audi\VW design center in Santa Monica,but unfortunately I couldnt get any sketch from my stay in California that was superbusy time for me...working on exciting advanced projects for brands like Audi,VW ,Bentley.....
But at this moment I am finishing my masterthesis at Mercedes-Benz design center in Germany,
so stay tuned and soon Im going to upload sketches and all pictures of final thing :)
all the best Vojtech